André Kishimoto

Software Engineer and Professor

Electronic Arts

As software engineer of the EALA CTG (Central Technology Group) and EA Brazil CTG team leader, provided development of new features, documentation and ongoing programming support of in-house and third-party technologies (including iOS marketing, telemetry and in-app commerce services, Android content downloader, and multiplatform API's and game engines) for all mobile game teams around the globe.

As software engineer of the Rocket Squid Brazil team (New Platforms), managed the team together with EA Montreal/EALA producers and Brazil's development manager. Also worked with WW CTG, providing input on in-house technology changes to support new platforms.

Unreleased title

Worldwide (2012)

Tech: C++ (Windows 7, 8, RT)
Role: Software engineer/platform conversion. Worked with EALA producer and QA Madrid on a Windows 7 and 8 (desktop and tablets) game.
Main tasks: Windows 8 new events support, created market assets and game installer, Win32 legacy code to support Windows 7 stand-alone executable, Try and Buy (demo full unlock) support with external server team, bug fixes.
Team: 2 programmers + 1 QA

Real Racing 2

Racing, France (2012)

Real Racing 2
Tech: C++ (Freebox)
Role: Software engineer/platform conversion. Worked with EA Montreal producer and QA Romania.
Main tasks: UX improvement with mapping of touch and accelerometer controls to gamepad, UI rework reflecting new controls and navigation scheme, multiple gamer profile support, bug fixes.
Team: 2 programmers + 1 QA + 1 QA/game designer

Origin and iOS services

R&D/Services, Worldwide (2010-2012)

Origin and iOS services
Tech: Objective C (iOS)
Role: Client-side developer of Origin (iOS version) and iOS services. Worked with EALA team remotely as well as on-site, from project specs to first release and continuous support.
Additional tasks: Lead client-side developer (Brazilian team).
Team: 3 programmers + 1 QA (Brazil), 4 programmers (LA)

Android services

R&D/Services, Worldwide (2010-2012)

Android services
Tech: C++, Java (Android)
Role: Lead client-side developer (Brazilian team) of Android services (e.g. billing, subscription system, CDN API). Worked with North American and European teams.
Team: 3 programmers + 1 QA

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